Inspection Feedback Reports
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InspectionReporter is choc-a-bloc full of easy to use features that have been designed from the ground up by real estate agents for real estate agents. Data entry is minimised with the use of drop down boxes and templated responses which provides professional communciation with a minimum of time and effort on behalf of salespeople.

The initial communication between a real estate agent and a property owner is the feedback after a property inspection. This is often the first point of breakdown in many relationships as agents fail to update owners on each and every inspection. Often an agent forgets and other times both parties play a round of phone tag. In just a few clicks InspectionReporter registers the inspection and automatically notifies the seller of all inspection details.

Most agents want to provide a written weekly progress reports but manual systems are time intensive. Current solutions employed by the few agents that do provide regular progress reports are often simple letters or brief emails and continuity and consistency is haphazard at best as agents struggle to fit the time to report to their owners in their busy schedules. InspectionReporter allows agents to produce high quality weekly progress reports in a matter of minutes.

Reports are "pushed"out to owners instantly rather than relying upon owners logging into your website to "pull" sale information. Inferior systems that only rely upon owners logging into their system fail when that honeymoon period is over and owners fail to return... and thus the whole benefit of communication is lost.

This system was designed from the ground up with customisation in mind. No two offices operate exactly the same way so InspectionReporter is able to be customised to suit your particular requirements, company colours and branding.

Management are not forgotten either with a suite of management reports. The Principal or Sales Manager can view inspection details for all salespeople anytime throughout the day and analyse inspection graphs and statistics to monitor the "engine room" of the agency.

Inspection Feedback Reports
Automatic emails to your sellers after inspections:
  • who visited
  • their feedback & comments
  • how motivated they are to buy