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Welcome to InspectionReporter

InspectionReporter is a communication system that allows real estate agents to provide comprehensive feedback and reports to seller clients.

The number one complaint from property sellers during the sales process is a lack of communication from their real estate agents, yet very few agents have an effective solution or system in place. InspectionReporter is the only automated seller feedback system of its kind and allows you to provide the highest level of communication with minimum of time and technical understanding.

Instant high quality feedback & reports! Every time!

  • Like to better inform your sellers about the progress of selling their property and present them with comprehensive written reports - but don’t have enough time?
  • Struggle with getting sellers to reduce over-priced listings to meet the market?
  • Want to sell more of your listed properties instead of losing unsold listings to competitors?
  • Like to win more listings because you can GUARANTEE a level of communication that your competitors can only dream of?

Position your business streets ahead of your competitors. Your reputation for 1st class communication and professionalism will be second to none.

InspectionReporter is a radical new computer communication system, designed by real estate agents for real estate agents.
The reports will be customized to suit your franchise or marketing group. Independent operators can also inset their logo and select from a range of colours.

Save time ... Save $$$ ... Increase Listings ... Increase Sales

InspectionReporter comes in 2 versions.

InspectionReporter is ideal for agents who just want to make sure their Clients get a written report of every inspection and a Weekly Summary Report of activities and buyer opinions but don’t have the time or the need for a lot of detail. The “set and forget” features of the program lets you provide a high level of service for minimal effort and get on with what you do best, selling.

To find out more about InspectionReporter click here or follow the links.

If you want your Clients to be fully aware of the market and where their property sits you should be looking at the powerful reporting capabilities of InspectionReporterPlus. With this program in addition to the inspection reports you will also be able to send your Clients enhanced Summary Reports that tell them in text and graphic form about
Unsuccessful offers to date;
Comparative properties sold recently and comparative properties listed recently including links to those properties;
Marketing undertaken for the period;
Real estate news including links to articles they should be aware of,
·          Lister’s comments, agency comments; and much more.

To find out more about InspectionReporterPlus click here or follow the links.

Sample Screen of the
Inspection Feedback Report
Sample Screen of the
Weekly Activity Report
Sample Screen of the
Weekly Activity Report


Key Features
  • Quick and easy reports sent by in just minutes by email with optional notification by sms if required.

  • Data entry in seconds primarily by dropdown boxes and templates - perfect for sales staff

  • Colourful graphs and charts

  • Minimum reporting standards with sections set by management as compulsory

  • Easy customisation options to suit any office

  • An unbelievable Point of Difference when it comes to winning the listing

  • Management oversight allows performance reporting and tracking of inspections as they happen.